Transaction Advisory

Fairness Opinion

A fairness opinion is a valuation service applied to the whole or part of a company and provides guidance to fiduciaries involved in a merger, acquisition, takeover, conflict transaction, or recapitalization. The valuation is performed by using industry standard methodologies to arrive at a reasonable market value to be used in transaction discussions. Knowledge of the market value of your business is essential to the transaction process. The seller or purchaser may lose value in the transaction if no fairness opinion is provided.

The Purpose

A company should seek a fairness opinion when involved in any form of transaction. The purpose is to ensure a realistic valuation for the seller or to certify a reasonable purchase price for the acquiring firm. Fairness opinions are considered a general practice that can protect fiduciaries against reputational risk should the deal go to litigation. The transactions listed below trigger a fairness opinion.

Trigger Events

  • Merger
  • Acquisition
  • Takeover
  • Conflict transaction
  • Recapitalization

Scalar’s Services

An unresolved value results in a transaction when the wrong methodologies are used in a fairness opinion. Scalar has a depth of experience in valuing companies involved in transactions and defending conclusions of value during litigation. We work with executive teams and their boards of directors to ensure business combinations will receive fair consideration for their equity.

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