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Commercial & Shareholder Disputes

Commercial and Shareholder disputes often result from contractual, fiduciary, or related obligations that can lead to lawsuits, if not resolved beforehand. Commercial and shareholder disputes can emerge from a variety of reasons including breach of contracts, shareholder disagreements, partnership/joint venture disputes, acquisitions, financial and accounting irregularities, and class actions.

The Purpose

The conflicts associated with the commercial and shareholder disputes can involve bankruptcy, partner disagreements, loss of business value, minority shareholder oppression, and post-merger and acquisition disputes. Valuation professionals analyze businesses and ownership interests to provide clarity in court cases. An independent valuation firm can help resolve such issues by providing unbiased valuation opinions.

Trigger Event

  • Commercial disagreements arise
  • Disagreements among shareholders arise

Scalar’s Services

In some cases, disputes can be resolved before entering a costly litigation dispute. Whether it’s a breach of contract, a difference in opinion, or involuntary dissolution of a business, Scalar’s team of experts can work to minimize the likelihood of a lengthy court battle by providing unbiased valuation support.

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