It’s easy to get discouraged during this time—and that’s okay. It is normal to feel the ups and downs, as our lives have changed drastically. However, we are not alone, and we can lean on each other for support. Staying positive can seem daunting, but sometimes a few simple suggestions is all it takes to get you on the right path. To help spread some good advice, we asked our Scalar team to share what they’ve been doing to stay positive during this time.

Keep Your Home Office Clean

Working from home means your home is now also your workplace. Blending the two can often be tricky. Mahina Bantilan and her husband have found keeping their space clean has helped them stay positive and productive while they are hard at work. Even something as simple as making sure there are no dishes in the sink can make a big difference.

“Now that our home is also our workspace, and we don’t have a formal office, it is easy to feel cluttered in our smaller space. Making sure our home is as clean as possible really helps us declutter our lives and helps limit distractions while we are busy working.”

Find Time to Move

Staying home doesn’t mean you have to stay still. If you’re feeling cooped up while quarantining, be sure to spend some time moving your body each day. A change of pace from sitting on the couch may be what you need to boost your positivity levels as well as provide a much-needed break. Ciera Kueser has always enjoyed working out but is more intentional with the time she spends exercising now that she spends most of her time indoors quarantining.

“I have found that setting time aside during the day to work out has made all the difference in not just my sanity but my positivity. Taking time to focus on taking care of me really helps me be productive during the day! I feel better not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Highly recommend it if you haven’t thrown that into your quarantine routine.” 

Step Away from the Barrage of Media

Constant updates from the news and media can be educational but overwhelming. Although staying informed is important, the media can influence both your attitude and your outlook on the ever-evolving pandemic. Information found online can easily be misinformed as well as blown out of proportion. Matt Fix is practical with the time he spends staying informed and takes solace knowing he’s in control. 

“I quickly learned that reading and reacting to every single media update was terrible for my psyche. I removed the constant news cycle I was receiving from Twitter and Reddit because most updates weren’t coming from experts anyway. This is probably the most helpful thing I did to stay positive. Doing this opened up time for other things in my life, and I’ve been able to learn some new skills as well as refresh some old ones.”

Break up Your Day

Staying in your home for days and weeks causes time to blend. Many find it harder and harder to distinguish what day it actually is. One way to mitigate the feeling of a never-ending day or week is to break up your activities. Cheryl Provard and her family take breaks during the day to spend time together, which makes the days more digestible. 

“Puzzles are one of the ways we stay positive. Everyone in my family stops throughout the day and spends time working on a puzzle. The best is when we all take a break at the same moment and get to spend time together.”

Start a Gratitude Journal

Although COVID-19 has brought many changes and challenges, Leila Cardus continues to look for things to be grateful for each day. Being intentional about what we are grateful for helps us realize there is still so much good happening around us.

“Last year I started a gratitude journal but fell out of practice. I recently started writing in my gratitude journal again, and it has really helped me remain positive. Every night before I go to sleep, I take time to write down at least three specific things I am grateful for that took place that same day. Doing this has made me realize there are so many positive things going on throughout the day that we don’t even notice! Having positive thoughts right before falling asleep has made all the difference.”

Enjoy the Here and Now

Although social distancing and quarantining can be difficult, many have found benefits during this unique time. Lives have slowed down, and many people are spending more time with family now that they are working remotely. Brigham Andersen understands that this time is temporary and looks for the positive while living in the present.

“I find it helpful to remind myself that this quarantine won’t last. A time will come in the future when our lives are more normal and busy again and I’ll miss the more relaxing days in quarantine. Keeping this in mind helps me enjoy the present while I can.”

Although negativity can be easy to latch on to, there are many positive things that we can focus on to help balance our current situation. We hope these six tips gave you some ideas of what you can do to make a difference in your life during this unique time. Remember, you are not alone; we are all in this together. 

Have any tips you’d like to share on how you are staying positive during this time? Share them on social media and tag us!